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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

Her Dangerous Visions

Her Dangerous Visions (The Boy and the Beast) (Volume 1) - Brandon Barr

Two worlds are being ravaged by evil, two women desperate to help.  On the World of Loam, the entire population works as impoverished farmers in order to feed the Baron and his Watch.  As debt is passed from generation to generation, contempt grows.  Anyone who attempts to leave or speak of rebellion is killed. Aven and Winter are all too familiar with the Baron's rage. Their loved ones were killed as they were planning escape.  Now, the siblings are trying to survive day to day.  However, Winter  has been made a Seer by the Guardians, the gods of her world and has seen some of the tragedies that have befallen others.  Now, she has chosen to do something about them and attempt to change the future.  On Hearth, two kingdoms war against each other instead of their common enemy. Meluscia wants to stop the fighting and will have the power to do so if her dying father appoints her as Luminess; however, her stubborn father would rather appoint someone that will continue the fighting and make she Meluscia never gains power. 


A unique and well crafted fantasy universe emerges in Her Dangerous Visions.  Two worlds riddled with issues and people who will sacrifice everything to make it better.  The story is told through several  alternating points of view: Aven and Winter, siblings who have lived under the Baron's watchful eye for too long.  Aven simply wants peace, even if it's under the Baron.  Winter's visions have encouraged her to fight back.  Then Meluscia and Savarah, siblings of a sort, both desperately want Meluscia to be Luminess, but Savarah has alternate motives.  The points of view varied from person to person and I felt like some points of view were elongated and some cut short.  I felt that I got to know Meluscia best and I could feel her passion, anger and longing. A lot is still left to be explained in both worlds, we are left on the precipice of disaster, change and revolution within both worlds.  I would love to know how everything and everyone is connected and hopefully I will find out in book two!


This book was received for free in return for an honest review.