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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

The Vanishing Year

The Vanishing Year: A Novel - Kate Moretti

Another Book for Halloween Bingo- Mystery Square!


Zoe Whittaker seems to have a charmed life.  She is the chair of a foundation for orphaned children, CARE, an issue that has deep meaning to her since she was adopted; and is married to Henry Whittaker, a Wall Street guru.  Her marriage to Henry has taken her off the streets and into a fancy high-rise, she is able to travel the world and focus on what she really cares about.  However, after a successful charity benefit for CARE, Zoe’s past come racing back for her.  Five years prior, Zoe wasn’t even Zoe.  She was Hilary Lawlor and she was running away from a mess in California.  Now, she is afraid that she has been recognized at the benefit; especially when she is almost run over by a car and her apartment is broken into.  Zoe wants nothing more than to feel secure and tied down, so she tries to look into her birth mother’s whereabouts.  However, Henry seems unsupportive and has been becoming controlling, questioning her actions and who she is with.  Now that Zoe thinks about it, Henry has many secrets in his past too; a dead wife that Zoe has never seen pictures of, dead parents and a very dedicated maid that will not say a word to Zoe.  All at once, Zoe tries to find out who is trying to kill her, uncover her own past and dig deeper into the man her husband seems to be.

Several mysteries wrapped into one, The Vanishing Year kept me up late into the night with its many twists and turns.  Zoe is a very real character, with a lot of trauma in her background.  She has used her newfound wealth in order to do good; however she is constantly on the lookout for anyone from her past.  Some of her naivety seemed overdone, and I had some parts of her mystery figured out early on.  Zoe did grow on me though, as soon as she started coming into her own and getting out of her apartment, she began to question things.  While Zoe was so focused on hiding her own past, she didn’t seem to push Henry into revealing any of his.  Henry seemed to be the one hiding more than Zoe, and his past is locked up tighter.  The suspense rose in the second half of the book as Zoe concentrates on finding her birth mother.  Slowly, inklings of something more disturbing than what Zoe can imagine are being teased out and while I had an idea of who might be behind it all, I had no idea of why or to what extent until the very end where I was speed reading along to see what would happen!  Overall, a slow building psychological thriller and mystery with a whirlwind ending.


This book was received for free in return for an honest review.