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Misfortunes of T-Funk

Misfortunes of T-Funk, Book 1: (Built-in Music Edition) - Barnaby Hazen

Theo and Judah are long time friends and musicians. Together, they decided to go to a new and specialized University of Jazz and Music Technology.  They are studying different tracks, but still find time to come together to make the music that they like.  With the typical college distractions thrown in- girls, drink, drugs, part time jobs and finding their way in the music industry, Theo and Judah still find time to form a band and go on a small tour.  However, nothing seems to go quite right for the group and the misfortunes seem to take their toll.

This book provided a unique reading experience.  With any book that includes music or songs, I have always wished that I knew what they were supposed to sound like.  With Misfortunes of T-Funk, you get exactly that.  Reading the electronic version, the links are right in the book that you simply click to take you to the Soundcloud page where you can listen to the band's song. Even if you are reading the paper version, you can still go to the Soundcloud page to check out the songs.  This was a really awesome addition that let me know exactly what kind of music Theo and Judah were producing. The content of the book focuses on a different aspect of a musician's life, the intelligence, creativity, motivation, knowledge of audio production and of course, all the crap that can go wrong.  This is a really good look at the backstage portion of a musician's life.  As the wife of an audio engineer, it seemed about right to me.  Some of the college stuff got a little tedious for me, but did help to round out the characters a little more.  I perhaps didn't need to know about every single escapade unless it helped to carry the story along.  Overall, a different story about the not so glamorous side of the music industry.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.