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Poppy Mayberry, The Monday

Poppy Mayberry, The Monday - Jennie  K. Brown
In Nova City anyone born during the week, Monday through Friday, receives a special power dependent on the day that they were born.  Mondays have the gift of telekinesis, Tuesdays are able to teleport, Wednesdays are able to manipulate electricity, Thursdays can read minds and Fridays have the gift of invisibility.  Most kids are able to use their gift between 10 and 13 years old.  Poppy Mayberry, a Monday hasn't been able to use her gift until Ellie Preston, a Thursday, makes Poppy so mad that Poppy sends Ellie's headband flying right off of her head.  Poppy is still far from controlling her gift however, and is sent to Power Academy, a summer school for those who have to improve their weekday skills.  If that wasn't bad enough, Ellie is her roommate and in her weekday group.  Power Academy is run by the totally mean Headmistress Lariby.  Headmistress Lariby singles out Poppy's group by issuing them a challenge.  If they succeed, the four weekdays can leave Power Academy early.  Now, a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will have to come together, harness their abilities and see if they can claim back some of their summer.
Poppy Mayberry, The Monday is a perfect story for younger middle-grade readers.  I enjoyed reading it as an adult, but I'm sure I would have loved it more as an eight to eleven year old. Poppy Mayberry is very easy to relate to.  Poppy is trying to do her best at school while worrying about developing her gift, Ellie dislikes her for reasons unknown and now she has to go to summer school.  Incorporating themes of friendship, development, and teamwork in a fun and humorous way, young readers will easily understand Poppy's struggles.  I loved the growing relationship between Poppy and Ellie and I'm glad a female friendship was the main focus, although there is a hope of some summer romance.  I would love to find out more about how Nova City came to receive its powers and how the four teammates are progressing.  Hopefully, more will be explored in future installments.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.