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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.


Manservant - Shari J. Ryan
Julia just wants one summer of fun before entering the real adult world. Oh, and she has sworn off hot guys- the type who are more into themselves than the relationship- after her break up with super hot guy, Andy. Julia and her best friend Jade have found what were supposed to be easy jobs nannying on the coast of Maine. However, when Julia arrives in Maine she is greeted by an even wilder than usual Jade, whose personal life is crumbling as well as Dylan, the 10 year old boy that she is nannying for. Dylan's needs are very specific and his mom forgot to mention that most nannies haven't made it past 10 days with him. And, did I mention the hot guys that seem to be everywhere? There is Sterling, a sweet but smooth-talking surfer who also teaches Dylan's lifeguard training and Liam, a seemingly rude and confusing housekeeper for Dylan's family that Julia has to live with for the summer. Julia forgets her one rule and then seems to make a mess of everything. At least she is a source of entertainment for her friends!

Manservant is a humorous and sexy new adult romance that I easily got lost in. Shari J. Ryan is a master at creating a slow build in sexual tension with back and forth witty banter and puns. I didn't know whether to love or hate Liam and I think he got me into as much of a frenzy as he did to Julia.

"Fine?" he whispers in my ear. As unexpected as my voice is, being so close to me, his words make my heart pound in a way it hasn't beat in a very long time, possibly ever. "I could think of a few different words to describe you, but 'fine' would be at the bottom of that list."

The characterization is also amazing, Julia seems like the perfect best friend as well as a very real young adult in the world. I loved that she found and named the Shermanator and the picture had me cracking up. I also loved Julia's strength when she found out that he boyfriend was cheating as well as when she found out that Dylan has Asperger's syndrome. Julia did not give up or give in, she learned as much as she could and tried to do everything right for Dylan. I applaud the inclusion of Dylan's character and the realities of his everyday life without it being the main point of the book.
The romance and sex aspects are just right for my tastes. There are several sultry scenes that had just the right amount of allure with a dash of fun; and with Julia's inner monologue it was just perfect. Overall, a steamy summer read with a mix of romance, drama and plenty of fun.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.