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Casanova's Secret Wife

Casanova's Secret Wife - Barbara Lynn-Davis

Caterina Capreta became entangled with the infamous Giacoma Casanova at the age of fourteen and has harbored a secret of her love affair and wedding to him for her adult life.  When Caterina is called back to the Murano convent where she was a boarded for four years, the memories of Caterina and Casanova's love affair return to her full force.  The Abbess, Marina, is an old acquaintance of Caterina's from her time there.  Marina asks Caterina for a favor that she cannot refuse; to take in a young pregnant border until the child is delivered.  Leda, has found herself in a compromising position from what she believed was true love.  As Caterina recognizes herself in Leda, she shares her story of her turbulent time with Casanova.  The two women find their similarities, gain friendship and realize the many definitions of love. 

I was immediately pulled into Caterina's story along with the inviting setting of Venice.  As an adult, Caterina secrets feel compelled to come pouring out.  From the time Caterina meets with Marina, I knew there was something deeper there. The mystery of what happened between Caterina and Casanova and how it created a tumultuous divide intrigued me.  Through Caterina's letters and stories that she tells Leda, we get to see Casanova in a different way, how he was with one woman whom he truly loved.  I was also pleased to see that this is based on some facts that have been discovered.  At first, I was a little put off by the fact that Caterina was 14, but apparently this is how old she actually was.  I was happily surprised that this was not really a love story, but more of a story of acceptance and coming to terms with the past.  With Leda, Caterina is finally able to review that part of her life with someone who understands and put in behind her.  Overall, a historical retelling of one of Casanova's many loves and it's consequences from the women's point of view.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.