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Dead Scared

Dead Scared: The Mortsafeman - Ivan Blake

Another for Halloween Bingo....'80's Horror!


Chris Chandler has problems. As a seventeen year old boy, his problems are just getting started. Chris' family has just moved to the small town of Bemishstock, Maine in the autumn of 1985. Wherever Chris and his family move, they can count on being unpopular. Chris' father works for a company that closes down factories. They are in Bemishstock to close down an Allied Paper Products plant, where most of the town works. Chris is used to putting up a front since everyone in town usually hates him. Things in Bemishstock start out as usual, students hate him teachers hate him, the local cops try to blame Chris for every mishap in town. However, Chris does manage to get friendly with several locals including Gillian, the girl who Chris' family rents from and the popular Mallory Dahlman. Chris has taken to hanging out in the local graveyard at night and witnesses some strange happenings in the small town, including possible grave robbing. As his relationship with Mallory intensifies, he learns some disturbing facts about her as well. Chris finds that small town life isn't so quaint and that his girl troubles might be worse after the girl is dead.

Dead Scared grabbed my attention from the prologue and then wrapped me in a slow burn of suspense throughout the rest of the story. Chris' situation paired with the strange small town feel gave an ominous tone from the beginning. All of the characters in the tightly-knit Blemishstock community popped with personality; Chris definitely entered this town as a black sheep. Mallory quickly peaked my interest; from the outside, she was miss perfect, however with her interest in Torajan burial rituals and spells it was clear there was something darker going on. I was surprised that more people didn't catch on to her games. The Goatman, or Dr. Meath was another nefarious force, a doctor and a grave robber, his deeds gave Chris something to set right and a path with the ancient order of the Mortsafemen. There were plenty of mysteries that Chris was determined to solve and danger that he brought to himself. I loved that this story was set in the 1980's where rumors, gossip and letters were used to spread information instead of technology. In the end, Chris was left in a precarious situation and I would love to know what happens next.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.