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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

House on the Forgotten Coast

House on the Forgotten Coast: A Novel - Ruth Coe Chambers


Square 14 for the 16 Festive Tasks- Seaside setting


When eighteen-year-old Elise's parents decide to move from their comfortable lives in Atlanta to a small fishing village in Apalachicola, Florida, Elise becomes anxious.  Her mother has asked Elise to put off going to college for a year in order to help them settle in.  Elise has always been an outsider, even to her parents, she decides that the move may mean a new start for her as well.  When Elise first sets eyes on their new home, something inside her clicks.  Finally, Elise feels like she belongs,  the townspeople adore her and the boat shaped house feels like home.  Then, the dreams intensify, Elise dreams of another young woman, Annelise, who never got the chance to live in the boat shaped house that was built for her in 1897.  Elise keeps getting clues to Annelise's life and how the man she loved died.  Elise feels she might be burdened with living out Annelise's dream but those around her are worried that Elise is living in a fantasy world.

House on the Forgotten Coast pulled me in with the intense atmosphere and air of mystery.  I was grabbed by the snippet from Annelise's demise and then caught up in Elise's story and wondered how the two women connected.  I was effortlessly drawn to Elise, she has been an outsider all of her life, not even understood by her parents, but determined to make her own way.  I was pleased that she was generously taken in by the inhabitants of Apalachicola.  The residents of the town were also very well developed, I loved getting to know Peyton, Dallas, the Myers, the Aunts and Ty.  They all added to the mystique of the town.  Through the entire story, the writing presents a very gradual build up of something being not quite right.  The mystery lies in whether or not the town is cursed due to Annelise's demise or if Elise herself is the only one being haunted by Elise's memory.  Overall, a mysterious and haunting story that I absolutely devoured. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.