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The Phantom's Apprentice

The Phantom's Apprentice - Heather Webb

Christine  Daaé has grown up traveling the country with her father performing music.  Christine is an accomplished vocalist, accompanied by her father, a violinist. Christine's true passion, however, is illusions.  Christine's father takes her to see an Illusionist, the Illusionist brings about a spirit and makes a prediction that someone in the audience will soon pass.  That evening, the theater is set on fire.  Christine is taken in by a benefactor, Madame Valerius and is encouraged to sing again for employment.  Assisted by Monsieur Delacroix, Christine secures a place at the opera house.  Christine is quickly identified as a featured singer and made the understudy of the diva, Carlotta.   Trouble brews as Monsieur Delacroix asks for Christine's assistance in finding the opera ghost, Carlotta despises Christine's competition and the opera ghost takes Christine under his wing as her Angel of Music to train her to be the star that he believes she was meant to be.  As Christine trains with the Phantom, she learns that he may not be her true Angel of Music.  Christine must use her other talents to break free. 

In The Phantom's Apprentice Christine takes center stage as the hero of her own story. Christine was very easy to like as she grew from humble beginnings and knew the power of hard work, dedication and friendship.  Along with Christine, I enjoyed the bubbly, supportive personality of Claudette and the perfection of Raul.  The Phantom is done in such a way that he is both the hero and anti-hero.  His past is clearly outlined and from that, his actions border on honorable.  I believe it is Christine's presence that throws his over the edge.    The writing gradually builds the atmosphere of suspense as the mystery of the Phantom grows.  I loved the inclusion of the illusions, they give depth to both the Phantom and Christine as well allow us to be able to delve into a fad of the age, spiritualism.  As the Phantom and other characters begin to show their true colors, the danger and tension increases in the story and I found myself flying through the last quarter.  I was very happy with the way Christine found to outwit the Phantom and her other pursuers as well as how Christine was able to live her life afterwards.  Overall, an exciting and intriguing new look at The Phantom of the Opera

This book was received in exchange for an honest review.