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To Love A Spy

To Love A Spy - Laura Beers

Lady Elizabeth Beckett's sister, Lady Kate Camden has finally been released from the clutches of her fake and abusive marriage to the French spy posing as Lord Camden. Kate is now learning how to live independently and trust the people around her. Kate has made a refuge for herself at her country estate and is being protected by Adrien, Earl of Camden and Agent of the Crown. Adrien wants to help Kate come out of her shell; he is desperately trying to break in, but is falling for her at the same time. Meanwhile, Adrien, Eliza and Johnathan receive a new assignment as Agents of the Crown. The British have been warring with Napoleon and it seems as though French spies have introduced a bill to Parliament to end the War against the French. The French have been abducting female relations of Parliament members in order to force the vote in their favor. After some digging, it seems that Kate holds the key to eliminating the French spies, but she and Eliza are abducted soon after the conspiracy is broken. 

To Love A Spy continues the story of the Beckett family with Eliza's sister Kate. I love that these are a perfect blend of historical spy thriller and regency romance with well balance scenes of sweet adoration and action-packed danger. Kate has made appearances in the past two books in the series, but we now learn what a tremendous impact her false marriage to a French spy has made on her life. I enjoyed seeing Kate's transformation from someone terrified to leave her country manor and untrusting of anyone but her own staff to someone who is independent, advocates for herself and contributes ideas. The romance was infatuating and wholesome with a lot of respect from both sides. Through his courtship of Kate, I got to know Adrien's character better and his abilities as a spy. It was interesting to find out about his time in France and how he carried out his present mission. My favorite part, however, was continuing to see how Eliza's life is now with Benedict and how she and Kate were able to navigate through the French spy ring. Overall, To Love A Spy is a wonderful read with plenty of romance, surprises and spy operations. I highly recommend reading the first two books in the Beckett Files first, it is a wonderful series to dive into. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.