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Summer Sizzle (Accidental Kisses Book 2)

Summer Sizzle - Tammy Andresen

Millie has been working as a counselor for the summer at Camp Winnipeg.  Her best friend, Chloe is working with her.  Chloe's task for the summer was to try to win the affections of fellow counselor Alex, but has instead fallen for Drew.  Now, quiet and creative Millie has a lot of time to spend with the goofy and popular Alex.  Both Millie and Alex feel lost in love having been publicly humiliated by significant others before.  Now, Alex's ex is back at camp as well. Could they be falling for one another now and could they make it work if they were?

  This is a fun, sweet romance, perfect for the summer that captures the uncertainty of young love.  Book 2 of the Accidental Kisses series picks up right where Camp Crush left off except now we get to see a romance bud from Alex and Millie's points of view.  Alex and Millie are opposites and  written very realistically, like people I know. Once again, Tammy Andresen has been able to capture the vulnerable and awkward side of teenage dating from both the male and female perspectives.  The writing and dialogue is down to earth and natural.  I was able to relate to the fears of dating as well as the inevitable pull of love.  Overall, another enjoyable, fast-paced, sun-soaked romance.  It seems that the next book will focus on one of Drew's band mates, I can't wait!

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.