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When The Men Were Gone

When The Men Were Gone - Marjorie Herrera Lewis
Tylene Wilson was born and bred in Texas, a football fan through and through.  More than that, she fully understood the game and the players thanks to her father's lessons.  Tylene is now the assistant principle in Brownwood, TX, the year is 1944 and most of the men have gone to war, including some of her students and their football coach.  Tylene knows the importance of football for the boys and the town; with the threat of the football season being cancelled, she is determined to find a worthy coach for her boys.  After scouring the town, she finds that the best football coach may be herself.  Although the decision to take on coaching the football team was a tough on Tylene, it is even more difficult for those around her to accept that a woman will be coaching football.  
When the Men Were Gone is a heartfelt story of a real woman in our history, Tylene Wilson.  Though her actions may not have helped to win the war, she showed immense bravery and compassion as she stepped up to do a job that not many believed she could do while protecting the male students from leaving for war too early and reinvigorating her small town.  Tylene's story is so genuinely portrayed using many facts from her life told to the author by Tylene's grand-niece.  Sharing the connection of being a female football coach, author Marjorie Herrara Lewis was easily able to relate with what Tylene must have been feeling as she navigated through a job that only men had previously done. I am not really a football fan, however Tylene's passion for the game and her students carried me through the story as well as the author's understanding of the game and ability to describe what is happening.  I could feel Tylene's need to keep the boys safe over her need to prove herself as a coach among the men.  Her personal story was touching and I could see how she saw all of the football team as her own sons.  I was surprised at just how much opposition she faced when she decided to take on coaching, but even more surprised at how much support she received as well. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.