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The Promise of Tomorrow

The Promise of Tomorrow - Annemarie Brear
Charlotte and Hannah Brooks flee their guardian's home suddenly after McBride attempts to force himself upon Charlotte in hopes of her becoming his next wife and having control of the substantial fortune that she was left when her parent's died.  Charlotte and Hannah have been on the road for a year before coming to a small mining town in Yorkshire.  There, the sisters are taken in by shopkeepers Stan and Bessie Wheeler.  Life begins to normalize once again for Charlotte and Hannah as Charlotte helps out around the shop and Hannah is enrolled in school.  However, a chance run in with McBride brings danger back into their lives.  No longer safe at the shop, Charlotte and Hannah are taken in by Harry Bellmont.  Harry has silently adored Charlotte from afar.  He is also quite lonely between managing his estate and the coal mine in town.  Charlotte and Harry's romance develops quickly and helps to keep her shielded from McBride, although his threat still looms.  With a War beginning, tensions rise as Harry joins up and Charlotte takes responsibility for the manor, Harry's unruly sister and the mine. Charlotte must now protect herself and her growing family while Harry is away.
The Promise of Tomorrow is a passionate historical romantic suspense.  We are thrown directly into Charlotte's nightmare as she is escaping McBride and thrown to the mercies of the open road.  The pace did slow down once the sisters found the Wheeler's shop, from there it seemed like every man in town was simply after  Charlotte for her novelty and looks and not much else.  I actually did not like how Charlotte and Harry first came together, it seemed very forced; however, once the two got their feelings out, the romance felt better.  The pace as well as my interest picked up again as the war began.  With both Harry and Charlotte's perspective of the war, I could feel the emotions and struggles from each side as Harry took pride in his unit, the teamwork and leading the effort with the men from his town for the war while Charlotte took on every responsibility she could in order to keep her mind off of the danger Harry was in as well as keep the town running.  With the war, I could see the depth of the love Charlotte and Harry held for one another. The suspense rose with McBrides's threats continued throughout the war and Harry's unit was endangered.  Written with engaging characters, history, suspense and sweet romance, The Promise of Tomorrow is a sweeping tale of World War I.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.