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Help for the Haunted

Help for the Haunted - John Searles

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Sylvie Mason has always been the good daughter compared to her sister, Rose.  Sylive and Rose's parents have given the girls an interesting life- to say the least.  Their parents made a living by helping people who are haunted, they often took objects or even people into their home.  Sylvie and Rose's life changes drastically after Penny, a doll and Abigail, a troubled girl come into their lives.  After their parents take these cases, their parents are killed.  Rose is left as Sylvie's guardian and 14 year-old Sylvie is the only witness to her parent's deaths.  As Sylvie tries to recollect what happened that night, she recounts her strange life in order to figure out who or what actually killed her parents.
Help For The Haunted is a creepy murder-mystery that seems to be inspired by the life of the Warrens.  The narration skips back and forth between time from Sylvie's childhood and the events leading up to her parents deaths and after Sylvie's parents have died, the result of this is slightly disorienting, but brings us into Sylvie's mindset.  As the story unfolds, the battle of the natural versus the supernatural begin to unfold as Sylvie tries to determine what really caused all of the strange events in their lives and who really killed her parents.  I was very intrigued by Penny and Abigail and why they were believed to be haunted as well as their real sources of power of people.  Rose's character was an enigma, as well as an important part of the story; it seemed that no one understood her, including her parents that were supposed to be able to help children who were struggling.  The ending wrapped up rather quickly as Sylvie exposed the truth of her family .Overall, a suspenseful crime thriller with plenty of supernatural elements that will keep you guessing.