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BRAT and the Kids of Warriors

BRAT and the Kids of Warriors - Michael Joseph Lyons
Siblings Jack, Queenie and Rabbit McMasters are moving again.  As military Brats, they are used to leaving everything and starting over. This time, however, the family is moving overseas.  With the end of World War II,  their dad has been stationed in Germany to help prevent the outbreak of another war.  Now Jack, Queenie and Rabbit are on a seven day journey on the USS Upshur, with the intent of exploring every nook and cranny.  When the McMasters arrive in Germany, they find a different world in Cooke Barracks and must adapt to being the new kids once again.  Living in West Germany, the siblings quickly realize how far the effects of war have reached.  They learn about the Iron Curtain, the new Communist threat as well as how to speak some German.  While they are busy uncovering imaginary threats in the woods, they might have uncovered a real spy. 
This adventurous Young Adult novel will resonate best with those who have been military Brats themselves.  Each of the siblings has a very distinct personality, yet each is determined to explore as much as they can.  Their adaptability and sense of duty shone through.  For me, the book felt split in two between their time on the Upshur and their time in Cooke Barracks.  The time exploring the Upshur was fun and gave background for the siblings and parents, but took up a large portion of the book for not having that much plot.  For me, the excitement began in Germany when the siblings met their nanny who told them of her time on the other side of the Iron Curtain.  From here, we are catapulted into the time period and the very real dangers it presents.  Near the end, the suspense intensifies and the siblings and their friends believe they have uncovered a suspicious person in the Barracks and we are left with a cliffhanger ending. Overall, an amusing and adventurous young adult historical fiction that looks into the lives of children living as military Brats.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.