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The Partnership (Extra Credit #1)

The Partnership (Extra Credit #1) - Charlotte Penn Clark

Kyle is a college senior who is failing English Composition.  Lani is junior, a dancer who is a pushover.  Lani is in trouble for covering for a friend.  Kyle and Lani both end up in a special class to make up for their transgressions- Extra Credit.  The class ends up being more of an examination of how they ended up there and utilizes partnerships for the semester to help each other with their issues.  Kyle and Lani are partnered up.  Kyle needs help getting words on paper, Lani needs to learn to stand up for herself.  As Kyle and Lani help one another the tension between them grows until their academic partnership is more like a partnership with benefits. As the end of the year approaches for Kyle and Lani, they have to make decisions about where their short but intense partnership will take them.

Sexy, sweet and fun, The Partnership is a realistic new adult romance with characters that I could easily relate to. With the point of view switching between Lani and Kyle, I was able to see what was going on inside each of their heads.  I love seeing when the guy is just as unsure about a relationship as the girl.  Lani and Kyle both had a great energy that pulled them towards one another for a passionate romance. The sexy times were great, not over-explained but genuine and true to a college experience.  In addition to the sex and romance, Kyle and Lani's story is about growth, change and entering adulthood.  One of my favorite characters was the Extra Credit teacher, Marjorie who tells the class: "Trust...You should all be working on trust-when to give it and when to withhold it."  I think we all should have taken Marjorie's class in college.  I would love to continue this series and see where the rest of the relationships in the Extra Credit class go and find out more of Marjorie's advice.  Overall, The Partnership is a fast-paced, sexy, New-Adult read. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.