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The Storyteller's Secret

The Storyteller's Secret - Sejal Badani
Jaya has just suffered her third miscarriage.  She is carrying around insurmountable grief and it has taken a toll on her marriage.  When Jaya returns home to tell her parents the news, she finds out that her grandfather in India is near death and wants her mother to return.  Jaya's mother remains shrouded in mystery, always attentive, but distant, Jaya's mother has never spoken of India or her parents and is adamant about not returning.  Jaya takes the opportunity to escape.   Once in India, Jaya is overwhelmed by the different way of life and excitement of finding out about her family.  Jaya connects with Ravi, her grandmother's servant and confidante.  Over time, Ravi reveals the story of Jaya's grandmother taking Jaya back to the English occupation.  With knew knowledge and her grandmother's past revealed, Jaya begins to unravel her own pain and untangle the emotions of her own experience. 
The Storytreller's Secret is an emotional journey that spans the decades.  The story alternates between Jaya and Amisha's stories.  The beginning of the book caught me off guard, it was a strong introduction to the unique pain of a miscarriage and the struggle that comes with it.  I was intrigued by the family mysteries that awaited Jaya in India.  I losved Ravi's character and his appreciation of Indian culture and life itself.  Through Ravi, the history of India unfolds, the food the holiday's, the caste system and the differences between classes are shown.  As Ravi tells Amisha's story, his love and respect for her is apparent.  Though Amisha's story was predictable,  I felt connected to her character.  India in the 1920's was compelling through Amisha's eyes.  I do wish there was more included about the effects of the English occupation and the war, but that was not the focus of the story.  I was amazed at what Amisha was able to accomplish and the secrets that she kept.  Overall, The Storyteller's secret is a moving and historical story of healing and forgiveness. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.