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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

Teeth in the Mist

Teeth In The Mist - Dawn Kurtagich
Centuries ago, the monk Faustus learned to read the Devil's tongue and made a deal with the devil that will affect people for generations to come.  
In 1583, Hermoine Smith accompanies her new husband into the wilds of the North Wales Mountains.  She is following her husband's dream of building a large mill and Medwyn Mill House on a mountain that seems to have no water.  The dairy pages that she leaves behind tell a story of brutality and a descent into madness.
1851, three teenage wards are sent to Medwyn Mill House to be cared for by Dr. Maudley.  Roan, Seamus and Emma join the Doctor's other ward, Rapley.  They learn very little about why they are there, but Roan feels that it may have something to do with the abilities she has and she feels that the others may have as well.  When the storms of the mountain keep the group trapped and the disappearances begin, Roan is sure that something evil is at play. 
Present day, Zoey is drawn to Medwyn Mill House after her father's powers make him forget and her own powers make her bleed.  Zoey and her friend Poulton investigate the abandoned house, but they are not alone.  
Teeth in the Mist is an experience, not merely a book.  Combining the legend of Faust, with dark horror, magic and a touch of romance, Dawn Kurtagich creates a unique story that kept me ensnared in its grasp.  The physical book offers much more than just words on a page, diary excerpts, photos, symbols and color  differences make the reader feel like part of the story.  I was immediately drawn into the story by the mystery of the symbols and the power that Roan and Zoey held.  The point of view in the story switches between Roan, Zoey and Hermoine's diary entries with the majority of the story from Roan's point of view.  Because of this, I felt the most connected to Roan as she tried to reveal the secrets of Medwyn Mill House, their purpose and powers and the evil that exists around the mountain.  Since none of the characters really know what is going on with the force that is keeping them on the mountain, the reader is left in the dark as well.  At moments, this was a little confusing, however the pull of the mystery was strong for me as well and kept me reading.  Overall, a distinctive young adult horror that ties together many elements for an amazing reading experience. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.