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The Necromancer's Bride (Gaslamp Gothic #4)

The Necromancer's Bride - Kat Ross
2nd book for Halloween Bingo- New Release
Anne Lawrence is a daeva, a magical being, who has upset and almost killed the man she loves, the necromancer Gabriel D'Ange.  Anne is now on a mission to find him and repair the rift that she created.   When Anne does track Gabriel down,  he finds him regrouping the Order of the Rose and planning an elaborate scheme to take down, Jorin Bekker, a particularly evil necromancer.  After finding one another Anne and Gabriel don't want to separate, so Anne finds herself aboard a ship to Brussels where she learns that Bekker is not an easy target to take down.  Bekker can sense magic, so he will know that Anne is close by.  Gabriel plans to separate Bekker at a gala with King Leopold; however, another necromancer, Balthazar has a similar plan to take out Bekker.  When the two plans collide, Gabriel and Balthazar find themselves in a precarious situation that only a daeva can help them with.  
The Necromancer's Bride picks up soon after A Bad Breed which should definitely be read first in order to understand just what Anne and Gabriel are as well as their complicated relationship.  I was glad that Anne was able to fully use her powers in this book, from the beginning Anne worked her magic with the weather, showed her skills running, found other creatures and used her elemental power in combat.  From the previous book, it was clear that Gabriel and Anne were meant to be together, but would have a difficult time admitting it to one another.  I think their romance and marriage was handled perfectly, quickly, quietly and sweetly, but without any grand romantic gestures.  I enjoyed watching both Gabriel and Balthazar engage in their quest to rid the world of Jorin Bekker.  The point of view moved back and forth between Gabriel and Balthazar making for a quickly-paced story.   Bekker's character also looped into some real atrocities Belgium's King II was committing in the 1800's, taking over the Congo and enslaving the people there.  The end wrapped up in an amazing battle with Anne center stage.  I love that Anne was able to use her powers to the fullest and that Gabriel kept teasing his tormentors that his wife would not be happy when she arrived. With some evil's extinguished and new alliances in the works, I'd love to see where Anne and Gabriel land next.
This book was received for free in return for and honest review.