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The Reluctant Healer

The Reluctant Healer - Andrew Himmel
Will Alexander is a lawyer, an up-and-comer at his firm who is just trying to get through the daily grind. His life changes when he meets Erica, a social worker turned energy healer.  Will and Erica are drawn to one another.  Erica sees a strong energy around Will, one that he doesn't realize he possesses.  Will tries to dismiss Erica's beliefs as eccentricities, however as he is pulled more into Erica's life and healing practice, Will's own beliefs begin to waver as Erica tells Will that he has helped her patients simply by being with them and one of Will's legal clients feels a weight lifted off of his shoulders after Will met with him.  Will begins to realize that there might be something about him that can help others, but his beliefs are still on the fence and his legal mind won't allow him to admit to doing anything, even as he begins to take on his own clients in Erica's practice.  
The Reluctant Healer is a book to read with an open mind.  It is the story of a perfectly ordinary man, Will -who thoroughly believes he is an ordinary man despite evidence of the extraordinary.  There isn't a lot of action or suspense in The Reluctant Healer, it is  mostly the story of Will coming to grips with forces within himself yet outside of his control, and slowly changing his worldview and belief system.  Even without a lot of excitement,  The Reluctant Healer still had me intrigued.  I really wanted to know what Will's ability was, how he was going to decide how to use it and if it had any limits.  Since this is a story of Will, his character is really the only one who is fully fleshed.  Erica is a large part of the story, yet I didn't get the feeling that I knew her too well.  Will's choices were what powered the story.  I found some choices very natural and some choices baffling, especially towards the end.  Overall, The Reluctant healer is a story of opening your mind to a world of opportunities beyond what you would normally consider.
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.