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Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea - Ginny Fite

Elena Labat is a special forces Police in New York City. She is called in to duty when a large scale terrorist attack rocks the City in multiple locations. Elena knows that there is more to this attack then what she can see. After an explosion, Elena is left confused and eventually unconscious. While Elena is unconscious, she is thrown into the world of her ancestor, the story of Hana that her mother told her as a child. Hana lived 4,000 years ago in Lebanon. Hana is unique due to her blue eye color and is coveted by the King. The King has demanded Hana be sent to him on her 12th birthday. Her parents comply and Hana is sent on the dangerous trek through the desert with a guide from Sidon, Danel. Reaching the palace, she is placed in service to the Queen, soon to be given over to the Prince. Hana wants more to her life, freedom and purpose. She will fight for these things, but finds herself needing help after getting kidnapped. Elena enters Hana's life from her coma and helps Hana escape, however when Elena wakes up from her coma she is left longing for Hana's life and reassurance that she is happy.

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is the story of two strong and courageous women 4,000 years apart. The writing alternates viewpoints between Elena in the present and Hana in ancient Lebanon. At first, the connection between the two women is not apparent and it is like reading two separate, though compelling stories. Usually in dual-time stories, I am drawn towards one story more than the other, however I felt equally drawn towards each woman's story and was constantly wondering what had happened to one character while I was reading about the other. I was amazed at how the writing was able to portray both women as strong and firmly rooted within their time period. When their stories finally do intersect, Elena finds a deeper meaning in life and Hana is able to tap into a deep inner strength. I really enjoyed that this was more than just a time-slip story, but a story of two heroic women connected through time. Overall, Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea is a thrilling dual-time adventure with well-written, amazing female characters.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.