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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

Dead Ringer (Gaslamp Gothic #5)

Dead Ringer - Kat Ross

In New York City, 1889 there exists a special unit,  the Society for Psychical Research which handles cases of the paranormal variety.  Harrison Pell and John Weston are currently investigating a case of a mud man that has attacked and scared many residents in the Tenderloin district.  While chasing down a golem in New York's sewer system is not exactly what Harrison relishes, she is glad to have cracked the case for the SPR.  Harrison is much more interested in the strange deaths of Columbia students that have been happening where witnesses have sworn that they have seen the deceased somewhere else at the time of death.  Despite her best attempts, Harrison is denied the case.  However, she is hired privately by one of New York's notorious criminals, James Moran.  Moran is terrified that he will be next in the series of deaths.  Harrison and James learn more of the series of events and doppelganger folklore in order to save the life of a criminal that they would rather see dead.

Dead Ringer is a paranormal murder mystery in the Gilded Age of New York City.  I was immediately pulled into the story as Harry hunted down a mysterious being in the New York City sewer system.  The characters are all very well developed.  I loved Harry's sense of adventure, bravery and perspective throughout the story.  Her partnership with John is sincere, sweet and not forced.  Moran kept me guessing throughout the whole story as to where his motives lie and his true nature.  All of these characters definitely have more to say and do and I hope their stories continue throughout the Gaslamp Gothic series.  I very much enjoyed the paranormal parts of the book, expanding on not as well known creatures.  The folklore behind the golem and doppelgangers is complex and interesting.  They both made for great monsters. The setting also took me through many different parts of New York in 1889, giving me a good feel of the diversity of people, homes and entertainment at the time.  The writing kept the story at a fast pace with excitement, intrigue and suspense building the whole way through; I can't wait to read more!

This book was received for free in order for a honest review.