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Little Wonders

Little Wonders - Kate Rorick
Quinn Barrett strives for perfection.  It's her personal mantra, to appear perfect, to be perfect for her husband, her son, her work life and as the president of the Little Wonders Preschool Parent Association.  The next perfect event she needs to pull off is the Little Wonders Happy Halloween Parade and Dance Party.  However, when her three year old son Hamilton would rather not wear the perfectly hand crafted spaceship costume Quinn made, she has the mother of all tantrums. New Preschool mom, Daisy captures it all on video only to have it quickly spread around online putting Quinn in internet infamy.   Daisy is an L.A. transplant and does not fit in the posh suburb of Needleton with her electric blue hair and tattoos.  She wants the best for her daughter Carrie, but is finding it hard to be herself.  Daisy feels awful for sharing the video of Quinn, but also finds a friend in the now outcast Quinn and is finally finding her place in Needleton.  
As a mother of a four year old, many of the themes in Little Wonders hit home for me.  The first part of the book was a little hard to read as Quinn's character dominates with her endeavor for perfection.  I could feel the stress that Quinn placed on herself and everyone around her emanating off of the page.  It was difficult to connect to any of the characters at first because they all seemed like awful people.  I still felt bad for Quinn as the video was posted online and blown severely out of proportion.  However, after Quinn stopped striving for perfection everything lightened up and I really enjoyed reading the second half of the book.  Her growth was amazing and I liked watching her relationship grow with her son and Daisy.  As the point of view switched between Quinn and Daisy, I appreciated Daisy's journey in finding herself, losing herself and finding herself again.  Little Wonders serves as a reminder to all moms that we need to stop taking life so seriously, enjoy all the imperfections in life, embrace humor, and find a really good group of mom friends. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.