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Muffet (Once Upon A Rhyme #2)

Muffet - Elizabeth Rose
Raven Birchfield is just recovering from her possession by Mary from the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary Quite Contrary.  After finding an old book of rhymes and a pendant that her Aunt Bestla left behind, Raven has been taken control of by the characters in order to be taught a lesson.  This time, Patience Muffet has gotten a hold of Raven's best friend Candy.  Raven doesn't know that Candy's home life is in turmoil, especially with her stepfather,making her the perfect victim for Patience.  On top of that, Raven unexpectedly starts getting attention from football player, Brett.  Candy happens to have a huge crush on Brett and is hurt by Raven's behavior.
Muffet is the second book in the young adult paranormal series, Once Upon a Rhyme.  I highly encourage reading the first book, Mary, Mary to begin with in order to get to know Raven and Candy as well as how the nursery rhyme book works. Muffet picks up shortly after the first book leaves off and focuses on Candy, but is still mainly told from Raven's point of view.  I was surprised that Raven still seemed immature and didn't put the clues together about what was happening with Candy's stepfather a little more quickly.  However, I did like the lesson that Patience Muffet provided to the girls.  I especially liked Patience's look in the other realm.  Although, I'm still wondering about how the nursery rhyme book works and why a graveyard of 16th century English people ended up in Illinois. I hope the Raven keep learning from the lessons and hopefully her little brother will learn something in the next book as well.  
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.