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Gluttony (The Elite Seven #5)

Gluttony - K.  Webster

Baxter Samuel Goddard V, or God to his friends has been given life on a silver platter. His father is one of the richest men in the world an has made sure that everything is in excess. This also means that he was able to buy God into The Elite, the controlling secret society in New Orleans. God takes on The Elite mostly for his best friend, Rhett so they can be members together. However, the task that God has been given will directly impact Rhett and their friendship. God completes his task for The Elite, but also injures a young woman in the process. Even though God's dad takes care of any consequences for the snafu, God feels terrible for ruining the life of the woman and stays by her side throughout her recovery. Zemira is horrified that the man who hurt her is there when she wakes up; but, he is helpful and the only one she has. As she recovers, Zemira discovers that maybe all Gluttony needed was a little lesson in temperance.

​Gluttony is the fifth book in The Elite Seven Series and things are getting really good now. I would definitely read the other four books beforehand since a lot of plot points are beginning to come together in this book. I actually really liked God's character, he was flawed and he knew it and his worst fear was becomming his father. Though it seemed wrong, I really enjoyed the progression and romance between God and Zemira. I was well paced and surprisingly respectful. They turned out to be exactly what each other needed. Gluttony moves the plot along at a good pace as well. I was glad to find out more about Lillian's situation and see what her consequences were to her scheming. Wrath's story is also continued and it looks like there might be some closure for Sabella and some ramifications for Envy. The ending seems to signify that some change is coming with this class of The Elite and I definitely want to jump into the next two books soon.