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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

Rebel Spy

Rebel Spy - Veronica Rossi

Frannie Tasker spent her days diving for wrecks in the Grand Bahamas in 1776.  After her mother's death, Frannie is left with her step-father Sewal who abuses her and now wants to take her to be his wife.  Frannie takes an opportunity to escape with a shipwreck that she spots, and assumes the life of a woman aboard who drowned.  There were no survivors of the wreck and everyone believes that Frannie, now assuming the role of Emmaline Coates, is a miracle.  Frannie is swept away upon a British merchant ship on its way to her new home-and war in New York.  Frannie takes upon the task of learning to be a highborn lady who is soon to inherit sharing her secret only with Asa Lane, a rebel patriot being held on the ship.   Frannie plays her role well and three years later is fully accepted as Emmaline and is ready to be married off.  Her chosen suitor, British Lieutenant James Duncan sweeps her off her feet and talks a lot about his role.  Frannie soons finds a way to feel more like herself, as a spy for George Washington known as Agent 355, codename Lady.  

Agent 355 was a real spy for George Washington in the Culper Spy Ring known for helping with the arrest of Major John André.  While little is known of the real Agent 355, I absolutely adored Veronica Rossi's creation of Frannie.  From her time diving for wrecks in the Bahamas to her grand escape on the merchant ship, playing the part of Emmaline perfectly and her rediscovery of her sense of adventure by joining the Culper ring, Frannie had me amazed.  Frannie's life as both a wrecker and a lady of privilege creates a wide contrast as well as an additional layer of suspense of someone unmasking her carefully built disguise. As much as I loved the story of Frannie helping the rebels with her Spy ring, I further enjoyed the constant struggle within Frannie of becoming Emmaline and staying Frannie.  The romance between Frannie and Asa was sweet and added another layer of tension as she courted Duncan alongside rekindling her feelings for Asa.  Most of all, I enjoyed learning about the Culper Spy ring and their influence in the Revolutionary War.  Through her spying, Frannie finds her spirit, purpose and identity.  With an intriguing plot, in-depth characters and a heart-pounding ending, Rebel Spy amazingly recreates one of history's unknown women. 
This book was received for free in return for an honest review.