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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

The Crown

The Crown is an amazing historical fiction novel set during the time of King Henry VIII, but follows the character of Joanna Stafford a novice at Dartford Priory.  Joanna has snuck away from the priory to offer comfort to her cousin, Margaret Blumer when she is burned at the stake for treason.  While at the burning, Joanna runs into trouble as her and negotiates  her release back to the Priory if she will look for the mystical Crown of Athelstan.  Meanwhile, Gardiner will hold her father in the Tower to make sure she complies.

This is a fast-paced historical fiction mystery.  The writing takes you back to the 1500's and is a wonderful insight into the not-so-often explored realm of Priory life during the reign of King Henry the VIII when Thomas Cromwell was actively dissolving religious houses.  Joanna Stafford's character is dynamic and heartfelt, she blends in seamlessly with the many real-life characters that make appearances throughout the book.  The ending was brilliant, I really never saw it coming..

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