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Sebastian and the Afterlife

Sebastian and the Afterlife - William J. Barry

"I can't be dead...that's ridiculous."

Sebastian finds himself standing in front of an imposing archway surrounded by forest in the afterlife...well, sort of. 

Seventeen year old Sebastian's soul has decided that he still has a purpose to fulfill and leads him to away from the archway to the afterlife and into Sapentia school, a high school for other souls still trying to finish their business. While at the school Sebastian and his new found spirit friends, Jack, Onyx and Patricia are guided by spirit teachers who help them find their purpose by using special compasses that will guide them back and forth between the mortal realm and spirit realm.  The teachers and Special Agents of the Grim Reaper also keep keep the students away from the outer edges of the spirit realm where 'pirates' roam, trying to steal spirit student's energy. 

Sebastian must navigate his new spirit world, try to finish his business in the mortal world and deal with the encroaching threat of a new pirate scheme. 

This series is aimed at the YA crowd and is written from a highschooler's point of view which gives us a fresh perspective on death and the afterlife.  Sebastian's character is interesting and very true to a seventeen year old male.  The adventure aspect of the story adds fun and intrigue.  Sebastian is quite the unlikely hero, but those are the best.



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Sebastian and the Afterlife was provided as an Advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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