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Agents of the Reaper

Sebastian and the Afterlife II -Agents of the Reaper - William J. Barry

Note: This review contains spoilers for book one

"This isn't life Onyx...that's over."

Sebastian and Onyx training to be Agents of the Reaper in the spirit realm.  After helping to defeat two dangerous Soul Pirates and free the Grim Reaper, Sebastian and Onyx are training to be full agents and protect the spirit realm.  The dangerous pirate that they have put in Darhkendin prison has escaped and is planning another ominous mission to take over the realm that involves Sebastian, a beloved teacher Sid and the headmaster of Sapientia.  Meanwhile, Sebastian is still a little too tied to the mortal world, worrying about his sister, Kristen and the current Grim Reaper has announced his retirement. 

Agents of the Reaper is a wonderful sequel that flowed well from the first book.  I was glad to see more character development, especially in Onyx; she is a powerful female character that has her afterlife in control.  It was also interesting to get to see more of Jack's journey to fulfilling his soul's mission.  This book had a lot more action scenes and intrigue and left us on a cliffhanger that will make you want to start Forever Awakening immediately after.

Sebastian and the Afterlife  series was provided as an Advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.

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