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I absolutely love historical fiction and read a lot of it; I love to learn history this way.  I also enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and non-fiction science.

The Reflections of Queen Snow White

The Reflections of Queen Snow White - David C. Meredith

This is a story of what happens after the "happily ever after."  Queen Snow White is now an older woman, Prince Charming is dead and she is trying to deal with the marriage of her only daughter, Princess Raven.  Feeling abandoned, lonely and full of grief oven no longer having her Prince Charming with her, Queen Snow White tries to find solace in the one place that she knows that no one will look for her.  In the long abandoned chambers of her cruel and abusive step-mother, Arglist, Snow White stumbles upon the magic mirror.  Falling for the magic mirror's charms, Snow White is forced to reflect upon aspects of her life that she would rather not repeat in order to come to terms with what is happening in her life now.

I loved the concept of this book, not just a retelling of Snow White, but a whole new perspective from Snow White as an older woman. I enjoyed the device of using the magic mirror to force Snow White to reflect upon issues of her past in order for her to come to terms with them, I liked that we got to see the events from the fairy tale in this new light.  I did wish that we got to see see Snow White as an even stronger female character, but we do get to see her slowly gain strength and confidence within herself.  I would have also liked to explored more of how Queen Snow White dealt with the marriage of her daughter.  There were a few editing errors in the version of the story I received along with some weird word choices such as 'melancholic funk" which didn't really fit the feel of the book.

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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