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Chronicles of Steele: Raven Complete series

Chronicles of Steele: Raven: Episode 1 - Pauline Creeden Chronicles of Steele: Raven 2: Episode 2 - Pauline Creeden Chronicles of Steele: Raven 3: Episode 3 - Pauline Creeden Chronicles of Steele: Raven Episode 4 - Pauline Creeden

This is an episodic steampunk-fantasy novella series that the author is planning to release bi-weekly. 

Episode 1 is an introduction to Raven and her world.  Raven is trained as a reaper; one who assassinates people, but must save a life for every one taken.  She lives in a world with steam-powered horses and other devices.  Raven is on her way into town to fulfill her debt and ask the man she loves to marry her.  When out-of-control steam horses fly by her carrying a young boy, Raven springs to action saving his life.  The young boy ends up being a baron, Darius,  but one that is cursed.  Now Raven will have to protect the Darius or find a way to lift the curse.  

For a 59 page novella, there is a lot of action and plot packed in here.  I also felt that there was a complete story arc.  Raven's character is awesome, her training as a reaper makes her fierce and independent.  In this episode, a lot of her skill is showcased as she is running from the guard.  I am also intrigued by Darius' condition.  It will be interesting to see what exactly is it and how it will be fixed.  

Episode 2 is exciting and fast-paced.  Raven and Darius along with his Great Dane, Nikki,  are on the run from the Captain of the Guard and trying to find the Woods Witch.  There is a lot more suspense in this episode, since Raven is just always one step ahead of the Guard.  I liked learning more about Raven's back story and her skills.  More Reapers are also introduced in this episode along with more mystery that these Reapers bring about Raven's past.  Raven's and Darius' escape to the Wood's Witch include a ride in a dirigible and a train along with the use of an oculus and some night vision goggles to give it a good steam-punk vibe. At 71 pages, this episode is also another complete story arc, but one that leaves Raven and Darius at a turning point in their journey.  


Episode 3 is filled with suspense and danger.  Raven is now traveling with the members of the Guard that she was running from and another Reaper.  They are desperately trying to save Darius from the Wood's Witch that was supposed to help him with his curse.  We see more of Raven in action as the group tracks down the Witch, she pulls out more awesome tricks and shows her strength.  Raven's more vulnerable side also begins to show in this episode and we see more of a relationship grow with the Captain of the Guard.  Another mystery is introduced with the appearance of life-like automatons in the southern part of the country and danger as everyone discovers just how the Wood's Witch plans to eradicate the curse from Darius.  I can't wait to see how it ends!

Episode 4 wraps up the series with more danger and a touch of romance. It was nice to see the relationship between Raven and Darius grow as Raven shows a softer side as a caretaker.  Danger still lurks, even after Darius is returned home and Raven refused to leave Darius' side.  The mystery of the life-like automatons in unraveled revealing deadly consequences. The romance between Raven and Captain Jack is just right. As Raven's story ends there are still questions to be answered and more stories to be told, I hope that the journey continues in Chronicles of Steele: Darius!
This book was received for free in return for an honest review. 


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